Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Redistribution of Wealth

Recently, I had a discipline issue in one of my classes. This class is particularly energetic which often leads them to yelling loudly at each other, throwing things across the room, and sometimes putting each other into headlocks (usually before class). During class they focus their energy on one thing, not paying attention. And let me tell you, these girls can not pay attention better than any students I have yet to encounter. Their lack of attention usually manifests itself into talking over their beloved teacher, looking in their tiny mirror for 50 mins, doing homework for other classes, and yelling in Korean at fellow classmates. Now not all of the students are bad, I have two groups of girls that are quite wonderful. They participate, ask questions, and listen. I mention this because they will come into play later, so remember, two groups of angels. Moving on, I have come to expect bad behavior from this class and to not let it bother me too much. But today, something just snapped.

Bertha from Jane Eyre (Shout out to my sis!)
Today, three of my students decided it would be permissible to go to a store across the street in between classes, buy a pile of snacks, and bring it to my class. You should know that students are never to leave campus during school hours, they are neither allowed to bring food into my class. So I see them enter 10 minutes late with their bounty of food. 

Dried squid jerky
I tell them to put it away until after class to which they reply, "Oh yes, teacher. Of course, teacher." A few minutes later I spot an open food wrapper and catch one of them trying to sneak food into her mouth. Cue deer in headlights look:

I immediately grab a bag, walk over to the students and, despite their cries of protest, make them deposit ALL of the food they purchased into the bag. But now I had a different problem, I now had a bag full of snacks that I wasn't going to return to them and I certainly wasn't going to eat (squid jerky isn't really my thing). So I put it in my drawer and decided I would deal with it at the end of class. Class continued, the students didn't listen, class ended. I kept the class for a short time after the bell to let them know how disappointed I am and blah blah blah...then I remembered the food. I looked over at the perpetrators and retrieved the food from my drawer. "Most of you chose to learn nothing today, you talked, you refused to listen, and you brought food to my class. But two groups listened and participated, so I am going to give them your food." 

And I did.


Christyna said...

Hahahaha, you handled that situation like a champ! Thanks for the shout out, BTW... Jane Eyre forevers, yo. Love you!

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