Sunday, August 21, 2011

We're In!

This past week we moved into our fancy new hi-tech apartment. It feels so big, which I'm sure is at least due in part to our previous residence in which it was impossible to outstretch our arms without hitting a ladder/bed/desk/wall. But the time for claustrophobia is over and the time for awesome apartment is now, so please fasten your seatbelts, put your tray and seat back in the full upright position and prepare for your virtual tour of Kruckshire (also known as Hyomyung Ritzville Apt# 543). ***As a side note, Koreans do not clean apartments when they leave, it is the responsibility of the new tenant to do the cleaning. Luckily we moved in after a girl with long black hair, so cleaning the shower was a breeze (that is sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell)***

We start our tour today at the front door. Those of you with high powers of observation will have already noticed that there is a keypad on our door. That's right, no keys, just a top secret number combination known only to us (and just about everyone who has ever come over). To the right of the door you will note a small white box, this is our doorbell/spy camera which is connected to...

Our doorman, he tells us when someone is at the door AND who it is. We also suspect that he could unlock the door, however, all the buttons are in Korean so we haven't quite figured that out. Please note that the image currently on our doorman's screen is the apartment across the hall, not a visitor disguised as a door.  So once you are granted permission to enter our sealed fortress, you will open the door and behold:

Our entry way! Continue walking straight forward to the window, you peer out and see a lovely view of:

a church!

a turtle house!

and a mountain!
Now back up and enjoy the whole view from our full wall sized window.

Watch out! Look behind you!

False alarm, it's just the rest of our apartment. Take the stairs on the left right up to our loft where we sleep, be sure to stoop a little or you will hit your head, trust me.

Look down and you will be able to see our entire kingdom living room! Now from this angle, it may look like we have 2 beds, 1 upstairs in the loft and 1 in the living room. But in reality we have 1 in the loft and a couch that happens to be made out of the spare bed since we haven't bought a real couch yet in the living room.

Anyone feeling hungry? Let's head down stairs to the kitchen for some refreshment:

from the living room
from the hallway

What's that under the stove top? An oven? A dishwasher? Why no! It's our washing machine!

You may be asking yourself, "Where is the dryer?" Well, we found out shortly after moving here that Koreans do not use dryers, they have developed a new, innovative way to dry clothing. We call them drying racks. You hang your clothes on them and, almost magically, the clothes dry in matter of mere hours. It's as if the air around your clothes does all the drying for you. And instead of nasty warm, soft clothing you get luxuriously cold, stiff clothing. It's a modern miracle. Now onto my very favorite part of our apartment, the bathroom! At first glance it is a rather normal bathroom, toilet/sink/shower. But look closer!

This shower has a total of 8 nozzles. The 2 you see up top, and then 6 spray nozzles on the sides (you can only see 4 because the other 2 are lower). It is like stepping into a carwash, but for people so your skin doesn't get blasted off and covered in a wax clear coat.

Well that pretty much sums up our tour for today, I hope you enjoyed your time at the Hyomyung Ritzville Apt 543. Please feel free to stop in at the gift shop for souvenirs and, as always, tips for your tour guide are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your time in Cheonan and we hope to see you again soon.

Katie of Kruckshire Hyomyung Ritzville 543


leeteggs said...

Your apartment sounds wonderful! I hope to meet your doorman someday and teach him some English phrases!

I never realized how primitive and naive we were living in America, I too learned the powers of clothes racks, but in Australia they are called "clothes lines" and generally (but not always)are run on solar energy. I don't know the science behind it, so yours may be too.

Living in the future!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds (and looks) AWESOME!!! Love, Butch and Kathy

The Wanderer said...

That's a pretty sweet apartment. I am stunned by the combination of a washing machine/stovetop. Is there an oven?

The Krucks said...

Alas, no oven. Everything is done on the stovetop (no microwave either).

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