Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sinking in

I realized something today, I'm moving to Korea. Now you may be saying to yourself that this is old news, shouldn't she have realized this last year when she got the job? And to you I say, no, that's simply not how the mind works. And no, I didn't realize it when I spent over six months getting our visas together, and no, I didn't realize it when I quit my job, and no, I didn't realize it when we packed up everything we own into a 10x15' storage unit, and no, I didn't realize it when we bade farewell to our dear North Carolina friends whom we love very much :'(

My moment of realization came today, standing in front of Tuesday Morning. My mom and I went there to buy another suitcase since I only have one large enough to warrant taking on an international flight. After unsucessfully trying to open the door for a couple minutes I read a sign posted on the window "Closed for inventory until July 11". A normal person's reaction to this might be something like "Oh, well I'll come back in a week when they are open, I wasn't planning on packing until next week anyway. Anyone up for a refreshing smoothie?" However, my reaction was more like this, "Why are those bastards trying to ruin my life?!?! Don't they know how important this is!!!!???? I only get two suitcases, and at this rate I'll be carrying my personal belongings over in a garbage bag sealed up with duct tape!!!" It was at this moment that it hit me, I'm moving across the world in 19 days and that is stupendously frightening.


Staci and Daniel said...

I understand completely.

The first few months are difficult but you will eventually love it!!

We should skype soon.

O and PS wrong country- you were supposed to move to Japan- silly girl..

-Staci :)

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