Sunday, July 31, 2011

Multibong and multi-fun

In Korea they do not have Karaoke, Karaoke is Japanese (for further understanding on Korean relations to the Japanese please see WWII). In Korea they have Noribong! Noribong involves singing to music with the lyrics projected onto a screen with a creepy video of a little Korean girl and a Bunny-headed person swinging in a garden. (At least that is what our Noribong backdrop was). It also sometimes involves wigs. So on Friday night our newbie teacher group went with the elder teaching group to a Multibong which is basically a large room you rent with a couple TV's and Wii and NORIBONG! It was fantastic, we group-sang Bohemian Rhapsody, onlookers wept with delight. Now it may seem strange to rent out a room for hanging out, but there is literally nowhere in our living spaces that would accomodate more than 8 people, so it was stupendous to have a whole room, with COUCHES even!

The next day we went hiking on a clump of small mountains/hills in the middle of the city. There we saw many strange pieces of machinery left by ancient civilizations long ago. I believe the natives refer to them as "exercise equipment". That's right, first you hike up a hundred stairs then you jump on an incline bench to bust out a few situps. Needless to say we did not partake in this native custom. Then we also saw a few graves, which leads me to believe that the unlucky souls who carried the equipment to the tops of the mountains were then left to die and deposited in the hillside.

Then this morning we attended our Korean church, which was, of course, in Korean. Our very animated pastor made several laser and explosion sounds while talking about Genesis 1. The best we can figure it had to do with Jesus defeating the Aliens that previously inhabited the Earth in order to make room for us humans, or something theologically along those lines. And then we sang "How Great Thou Art" in Korean....rather, they sang it in Korean whilst we sang it softly to ourselves in English.

After church we lazed around all afternoon, which was wonderful. And then went out with our fellow teachers for "italian" food and super expensive coffee. Overall it was a fantastic weekend, looking forward to TESOL training tomorrow....

Katie and Logan


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