Monday, July 25, 2011

Awkward places for cute puppies

Korea, day 1.
We've been moved into our temporary living quarters for the first few weeks.  They are the dorm rooms of KNU!  As a professional student, I find this ridiculously enjoyable.  These rooms are the same size as the SNU dorms I used to live in, except they have 4 beds instead of 2.  That means, in general, 4 students are living in the space of 2!  Gah!  Luckily, for me, it's just Katie and I in one room, so we have "space."

When I entered my room last night, after 20 hours of travel, I needed, as most people would, to use the restroom.  Don't worry everyone, the restrooms are fairly similar to US restrooms, so no culture shock there.  It was when I went to get some toilet paper that I noticed something.


That's right.  Cute puppies printed on toilet paper.  Now, I'm used to flour patterns or quilted, but not to cute animals looking at me as I'm about to do the unspeakable to them.  The only thing worse would be to have the Gerber Baby on the toilet paper.  

But, as our friend, Sarah, told us: Korea is all about cute.  So...Welcome to Korea, here's some disturbingly cute toilet paper!

This experience is going to be awesome!


Tim H. said...

Buwahahahahahaha! That is an awesome introduction to Korea.

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